Microsoft Excel

Entering Numbers

How often do you get frustrated when trying to enter a fraction only to find Excel automatically converts the entry to a date? Well to prevent this happening simply precede fractions with a 0 (zero); for example, type 0 1/2.

Having trouble trying to convert numbers to text? Excel stores a number as numeric data even if you use the Cells command to apply the Text format to the cells that contain the numbers. To have Excel interpret numbers such as text, first apply the Text format to empty cells, and then type the numbers. If you've already entered the numbers, to apply the Text format to the cells click each cell, press F2, and then press ENTER to re-enter the data.

Join strings together

Ever found yourself having to re-key data into fields because you have data in two cells that need to be joined into one? Forget the re-keying just use the concatenate function. This function gives you the ability to join data together from several cells putting the result in a new cell.

To concatenate cells, select the functions option from the insert menu.

Select text category and concatenate function. Click on OK and follow the instructions to select the cells to be joined.

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