The Real Direct Online Repairs Service

Providing services online is nothing new with most RSLs and Local authorities developing their own websites with facilities to access local services.

However, Swan Housing has gone one step further in developing their on-line services for tenants. This on-line direct repairs service will do exactly what it says.

Repairs are requested by tenants, using the diagnostic repair package -which clearly guides tenants to pin point the exact problem, the software then immediately sends an e-mail direct to the contractor whilst simultaneously updating the tenants records held by Swan.

This innovative approach treats tenants more like consumers, and places control firmly in their hands. The benefits to the organisation being the reduction in costs this obviously brings, and enabling staff to concentrate on quality issues rather than general administration.

Other facilities on the website will enable residents to pay rents on-line, view rent accounts and access up-to-date information regarding all aspects of service delivery.

Tenants will be able to discuss various issues using a community forum facility and can also benefit from on-line training and employment advice though a learning gateway. This part of the project will greatly increase community involvement in local issues and has gained funding from a Housing Corporation Innovation and Good Practice Grant (IGP).

A free set top box will be offered to tenants who sign up for free training through a tenant reward scheme. This will encourage residents to develop new ICT skills and continue to use them with internet access in their own homes.

Please contact Anne-Marie Guiver on 01277 844 726 for further details.

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